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The Marinedi Group was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off from Acquatecno, a leading company in the field of port and marina design. Marinedi set itself the challenge of developing a Mediterranean network of marinas, under a common brand, characterised by the provision of high quality of services to boaters.

The group manages pre-existing port facilities aimed at nautical tourism, either directly or in partnership with local government bodies or private companies. It aims to increase the range of services on offer as well as the capacity of each port and is also engaged in a number of projects to promote Iocal nautical tourism through the launch and development of new facilities.

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Starting with several major pre-existing Italian marinas, Marinedi Group promotes the creation, management and strengthening of a network of marinas across the Mediterranean, namely a marina system capable of providing high quality services around the Mediterranean coast to meet local demand.
Marinedi Group also plans to focus on developing those parts of the Mediterranean that have many tourist attractions or are close to established catchment areas, but lack a fully-developed marina infrastructure (southern Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, etc.)
The criteria used when creating the infrastructure and developing customer services are aimed at the maxi yacht sector (= 24m LOA). All network marinas offer dedicated high added value services and have facilities that meet the needs of this segment.

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The group aims to satisfy the needs of different types of user, by providing a recognisable range of high quality services to both Italian and foreign boaters. The company aims to foster the integration of marina facilities, the local area and the wider world of pleasure boating, looking closely at the differences between the locations and their varying demands.
The development of the network and its associated services also promotes each local area and provides a stimulus for their economy. Local traditions are respected and tourist facilities on the hinterland receive a boost, increasing their reputation amongst Italian and foreign clients alike. Last, but not least, this development has the potential to create a series of employment opportunities, with new demand for highly qualified staff in the sector.

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The development of nautical tourism can be given a strong boost by allowing boaters to use permanent and/or seasonal and/or transit moorings, to plan and manage their cruise by booking berths in advance (giving the date and time of arrival, dimensions and characteristics of the craft, as well as requesting any services of interest from those offered by marina facilities, such as car rental, restaurants, boat maintenance, etc.), and to book transfers from one port to another port in the network.
This unique and well-coordinated service allows boaters to check the availability of berths at nearby ports, report any damage to the vessel or other requirements, request emergency healthcare or mechanical assistance, and obtain useful information.
The marinas in the Marinedi Network aim to satisfy boaters’ every need by integrating the management structure and offering this wide range of value-added services, from taking care of the boat to organising the trip, guaranteeing a pleasant stay and a safe voyage.

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The company is structured as a holding company, in which ideas and suggestions for the development of the network take into consideration and address the various life stages of the marinas: from optimising the structure of promotional and marketing activities through to its administrative, legal and financial management, and the provision of design and technical support, for its ongoing optimisation. The main headquarters in Rome is responsible for promoting, planning and developing ideas that are then implemented and managed at a regional level, in partnership with and/or involving local government bodies.

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Over the next five years, the Marinedi Group aims to develop a network of approximately 20 marinas with a total of over 12,000 berths, all targeting the maxi yacht sector, without neglecting local and seasonal yachting.
Currently the network has 13 operational marinas comprising 5220 berths and 11 marinas under development, which will add approximately another 7200 berths.
The main criteria upon which the structure and development of the network are based are as follows:

  • the restoration and/or completion of underused port areas;
  • the sustainability of planning decisions;
  • respect for the landscape and the architectural features of the sites;
  • competitive financial strategies for Mediterranean yachting;
  • total respect for the environment, adopting eco-friendly and sustainable solutions;
  • a personalised approach;
  • high quality planning and management standards.

Being part of the network allows individual facilities to benefit from the advantages of economies of scale, enabling them to enter into contracts with large service providers (air, rail, maritime, insurance, financial,, clothing, etc.) to the benefit of their customers. It also provides the opportunity to share experiences and make use of shared resources, take advantage of a simpler booking process and the opportunity to exchange berths, the opportunity to take part in trade events (boat shows) in a coordinated manner, and to be part of large-scale newspaper, television and online marketing campaign with limited outlay.  The development backdrop and the resources employed will lead to the growth and expansion of an international network of marinas which are functionally interconnected, technologically advanced and managed as a unit, which can make a difference both in Italy and abroad.