Port and sustainable mobility, the troupe of Sky records in Anzio

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An eco-sustainable morning that has just passed at the Port of Anzio with a Sky crew who filmed and interviewed the President of Cobat (National Consortium for Collection and Recycling) Giancarlo Morandi and theCEO of Capo d'Anzio Spa Antonio Bufalari, both involved in the Project The Blue Stars of the Mediterranean. The initiative, designed by Cobat for the sea, will also involve the Neronian basin chosen as a base to illustrate a series of legal services to sustainable mobility that Anzio intends to marry and make their own.

Cobat intends to monitor about 300 Mediterranean ports with the aim of awarding the Blue Stars of the Mediterranean (from one to five with a criterion similar to that of the Michelin Stars) to ports that for commitment, objectives and actions have proved particularly virtuous in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection.

This morning, those who found themselves on the pier were able to admire an array of all-electric vehicles, from pedal-assist mounts to electric bicycles, Mercedes electric cars to microcars.

The Capo d'Anzio intends, in the very short term and certainly in the construction of the new pier, to equip itself with the columns for charging all types of electric vehicles, but also to acquire the availability of electric microlights, bicycles and scooters to be made available to those who dock and want to take a ride both in the port areas and in the city center.

To explain the intentions of the Capo d'Anzio CEO Antonio Bufalari at the microphones of Sky. "A sustainable port - he said - is our priority and on this we intend to invest."

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