MARINEDI in Sardinia - An excellent balance between service excellence and economic management

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When you talk about the beauty of Sardinia, you don't know where to start: the sea, the coast, its cities, the archaeological sites, the food and wine... For us at Marinedi, it's natural to think of the sea because Sardinia is the island par excellence; the Phoenicians landed by sea and the majority of visitors still come from the sea". Renato Marconi, president of Marinedi, the first network of marinas in Italy, knows Sardinia well because the marinas of Villasimius, Cagliari and Teulada are part of it. "For now we have concentrated our presence in the south of the island, respecting one of our rules, keeping the mesh of the network tight and making our ports easy to reach". This choice has been rewarded by the results: +55% in transits and +18% in overall turnover from moorings. "In our marinas in Sardinia, we have achieved an excellent balance between excellence of service and economic management".

Quality, transparency and customer loyalty are the ingredients that the Marconi Group has put in its recipe, the rest has been done by the recovery of a market that is relaunching nautical tourism and an economy that seemed lost. The Marinedì Group was born in 2013 and its current portfolio is of 11 marinas. A number destined to grow by the end of this year with the assignment of the concession of Trapani and other facilities in Italy and abroad with investments that will allow within three years to triple the value of the current network. Unlike other realities Marinedi manages designs and develops structures of which it is the owner (100% or in participation).

"In our marinas we guarantee real excellence, which does not differ from one port to another, and here in Sardinia we have confirmation of this. Although Villasimius, Cagliari and Teulada have different structural characteristics, they all have a common denominator in quality. Here, too, we have brought our "good management" with clear and transparent tariffs (including VAT), attention to detail, efficient equipment and a culture of hospitality that satisfies even the most demanding shipowners, bringing us into line with the best international standards. Also in this case, the data confirms the "service culture" of Marinedi, which registered a +150% of presences of foreign boats, many of which are permanent.

"In Sardinia, our marinas are managed by extraordinary professionals who have embraced our philosophy and today are reaping the benefits of a management that enjoys the synergies and centrality of certain functions guaranteed by the Group, allowing them to focus entirely on services and constant improvement." Improvement for Marinedi also means initiatives aimed at sustainability and in this case, some ports of the network are obtaining important awards as demonstrated by the Award for the Ecologically Virtuous Port recognized by the National Consortium for Collection and Recycling together with Legambiente and Touring Club Italiano, won in 2015 by Marina di Villasimius. The theme of sustainability is one of the central points in the present and future of the Group, which includes the efficiency of facilities and services, the optimization of space, time and investments in a system where technology and innovation are the drivers of a new SMART type of productivity.

Between Villasimius, Cagliari, Marina di Teulada, there are more than 1100 boats with lengths up to 60m and with promotions that exceed the summer season and offer services at very attractive costs for the winter period.


Marina di Villasimius is one of the flagships of the Marconi Group. It hosts an international clientele thanks to the extraordinary variety and quality of its services that also allow the organization of events and initiatives of great charm (such as the GC32 Racing Tour).


Marina di Teulada became part of the group in 2012 and from the very beginning it has combined the quality and breadth of its services with special attention to the enhancement of the natural and tourist heritage of the surrounding area, at the same time expanding the economic potential of induced activities.


The Marina of Cagliari is a little different because it is a city marina where you can moor a few meters from the city center in calm waters and in an extraordinary context where the roots are rooted in history. It goes back to the time of the Phoenicians and continues along the commercial development of the Mediterranean during the Kingdom of Sardinia, the Italian Risorgimento, the post-war reconstruction that has connected in an even more visceral way the Sardinian capital with the sea.

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