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The Marinedi Group was born at the end of 2009 from the spin-off of a branch of Acquatecno, a leading company in the field of design of commercial and tourist ports - and aims to develop, at Mediterranean level, a network of marinas characterized by high quality services to the yachtsman, grouped under a common brand.

The group manages directly, or in partnership with local authorities and private players, port facilities dedicated to nautical tourism already existing in the area, expanding services and potential, also carrying out numerous projects to increase nautical tourism in Italy through the start-up and development of new facilities.

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Starting from some important Italian realities already operating, the Marinedi Group promotes the creation, management and strengthening of a Mediterranean Tourist Port Network, i.e. a system of Marinas able to provide quality services distributed along the Mediterranean coasts, in response to the demand of the potential catchment area.

Marinedi Group also intends to concentrate its development activities in those areas of the Mediterranean rich in tourist attractions or in proximity of qualified catchment areas where there is not yet a fully developed tourist port system (Southern Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Croatia etc.).

The reference target, which inspires the criteria for the creation of infrastructures and the configuration of customer services, is represented by the maxi yacht segment (length f.t. ≥ 24 m); dedicated services with high added value and facilities suited to the needs of this segment characterize all the Marinas in the network.

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The inspiring principle is to represent a reality that meets the needs of different types of users, that offers national and international yachtsmen a range of high quality services that are recognizable, an entrepreneurial reality that favors the integration of tourist port structures with the territory and with the maritime tourism industry in general, paying attention to the differences and needs characteristic of each reality.

The development of the Network and the services associated with it, will also make it possible to promote and stimulate the economy of the area in each area while respecting local traditions, enhancing tourist itineraries in the hinterland in order to increase the appreciation of national and foreign customers. Last but not least, such a development will create the conditions for a consistent occupational relapse with the request of new highly qualified professional figures in the sector.

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A strong impulse to the development of nautical tourism is obtained by putting the yachtsman in the condition of being able to use permanent and/or seasonal berths and/or transit berths and to plan and manage his cruise by booking the berth in advance, indicating the date and time of arrival, the size and characteristics of the vessel, requesting any services of interest among those offered by the structures inside the Marina (from car rental to catering, vessel maintenance, etc.), as well as booking the transfer from one port to another belonging to the "Network".

A unique and coordinated service that allows the yachtsman to personally check the availability of the nearest landing places to his position, to report any damage to the boat or other needs, to request any health and mechanical emergencies and obtain relevant information.

The Marinedi Network Marinas intend, through the integration of management structures and this wide range of value-added services, to satisfy every need of the yachtsman: from the care of the boat to the organization of the voyage, to guarantee a pleasant stay and a safe navigation.

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The Company is configured as a holding company in which ideas and proposals aimed at the development of the Network take into consideration and address all the phases linked to the life of the Marina, from the optimal structuring of the promotion and communication activities, to its administrative, legal and financial management, up to the design and technical support for its constant optimization. In the offices of the head office in Rome, ideas are promoted, planned and developed, which are then implemented and managed at a territorial level in sharing and/or participation with the Local Authorities.

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The Marinedi Group aims to develop a network over the next five years that will include about 20 marinas with more than 12,000 berths, all structures with a focus on the segment of maxi yachts, without neglecting the local and seasonal boating.

At the moment the Network has 13 operational marinas with approximately 5520 berths and 10 marinas under construction with a further 7200 berths.

The fundamental criteria on which the structure and development of the Network is based are:

  • the refunctionalization and/or completion of underused port areas;
  • the sustainability of the project choices;
  • respect for the landscape and architectural features of the sites;
  • competitive economic strategies in the Mediterranean nautical circuit;
  • full respect for the environment, adopting eco-compatible and sustainable solutions;
  • the personalized offer;
  • quality design and management standards;

Belonging to the Network allows the single structures to take advantage of the economic benefits given by the economies of scale, giving them the opportunity to join agreements with major service companies (air, rail, maritime, insurance, financial, clothing etc..The development scenario and the resources employed tend towards the growth and branching out of an international network of marinas, functionally interconnected, technologically advanced and coordinated as a unit, which can make the difference in Italy and abroad.