"Navigating Books" returns to West Cove with writer Roberto Centazzo put under interrogation by "Lt. Columbo"

The "Libri Naviganti" review returns to sail, this year hosting writer Roberto Centazzo, who on Sunday, Aug. 28, at 6:30 p.m., will present on the panoramic terrace of the Chiavari Marina - Calata Ovest his latest detective story "The Postcard Representative" (published by TEA Libri). The presentation will not be a canonical "meeting with the author" but rather, in keeping with the detective style of his stories and the author's past in the police, it will be a real interrogation, to which Centazzo will lend himself, in a sort of reversed roles, submitting himself to the inquisitorial questions of Miro Gatti, actor and writer, who will play the role of the bewildered Lieutenant Colombo.

In short, an evening of irony and the pleasure of reading, in the enchanting setting of the panoramic terrace of the Marina's offices, which again this summer offered cultural and entertainment events, in line with the philosophy of the Marinedi Group, which conceives the ports of its network, not only as landing points but as places of exchange, meeting and, above all, culture.

The appointment is with free admission.

BIOGRAPHY of the author:

He has a law degree, a long and bright past in the police force, where he joined in 1987 (six years in Genoa first at the Polmare and then at the flying squads and 11 years in Savona in the judicial police team of prosecutor Vincenzo Scolastico) and a predestination for writing, a world he felt he belonged to since childhood. Centazzo published in TEA editions the successful novels of the series "Squadra speciale Minestrina in brodo," achieving growing success; also with TEA he published the "Stories of Cala Marina": "Tutti i giorni è così," "Bevande incluse" and precisely "Il rappresentante di cartoline," which he will present Sunday in Chiavari. He is also the author of the "cat fun" The Little Red Book of Meow Thoughts.

Roberto Centazzo, decided that he would grow up to be a writer at the tender age of seven. Around the age of fifteen he read a passage by Rilke that was like a thunderbolt for him: (taken from the notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge) "Oh, but one does very little with verse when one writes it too early. One should wait and gather sense and sweetness for a whole life and better a long life, and then, at the very end, perhaps one would be able to write ten lines that were good."

To support himself he works a thousand jobs, from bricklayer to insurance salesman to box unloader at the general markets, or distributing advertising material, waking up at dawn, a habit he never lost even later. Determined to write reliable and procedurally rigorous noir stories, he enrolled in law school at the University of Genoa and graduated with 110/110. He then acquired a teaching certificate and worked as a teacher for a couple of years. But still not enough to be familiar with investigations. So he joins the police force. His long experience first at the Judicial Police Section of the Public Prosecutor's Office and finally as Commander of the Savona Polfer Post made him one of the most knowledgeable noir writers, so much so that he also serves as a consultant for other fellow writers. Nevertheless, he has always controversially rejected the label of police writer. For the past couple of years he has retired to live in the countryside where he cultivates his vegetable garden and likes to call himself the story grower. He wakes up every morning at five o'clock to write.

His literary activity begins with a long and arduous apprenticeship in the dangerous publishing undergrowth where the Cat and the Fox - pseudo-publishers and self-styled literary agents - swarm, with demands for money to publish, rigged contests and capestro contracts.

In 2013, after eight published novels, he finally landed in big publishing and published with TEA, GEMS group, the novel Mr. Judge, a tie is enough, written by four hands with journalist Fabio Pozzo.

In 2016 the mystery comedy Squadra speciale Minestrina in brodo was published by TEA, which reached its fourth edition in a few months. The novel is reprinted first in the prestigious Italia Noir series attached to Repubblica /l'Espresso, Gedi group, of which it is by far the best-seller and the following year in the Noirissimo Italiano series. Subsequently, it is reprinted for Mondolibri and an audiobook version is also made for the publisher Salani.

From 2017 is Squadra speciale Minestrina in brodo: Operazione Portofino, included in GEDI Group's Passione Noir series. An edition for Mondolibri and an audiobook version for Salani editore are also made of this novel.

2018 saw the release of the third novel in the special team Minestrone in broth series: Operation Salt and Pepper, also published in the Mondolibri edition and included in turn in the series Emozione Noir

Also in 2018, Grappolo di libri released the fairy tale Togliete i lupi dalla favole as well as the musical album Mendicante by musician Enrico Santacatterina for which he wrote all the lyrics.

2019 saw the release of the fourth installment of the saga entitled Mazzo e Rubamazzo which was also immediately reprinted for the Mondolibri series and, also for Tea, saw the printings of The Little Red Book of Meow Thoughts.

For TRE60, the novel Tutti i giorni è così, which inaugurates the new series, the stories of Cala Marina, comes out in July 2019.

In July 2020, the second installment of the Marina Cove stories, Drinks Included also for the publisher TEA, was released.

January 2021 sees the release of the fifth installment of the Special Team Soup Minestrone series The Shadow of Lost Happiness (TEA Publisher) also printed in the Mondolibri edition.

on April 14, 2022, The Postcard Representative, the third novel in the series The Stories of Cove Marina, is published, also by TEA.

Together with TV author Felice Rossello, he co-writes two plays: Love is an Attic, brought to the stage in 2021 by the San Fruttuoso theater company, and The Importance of Being Happy. The two scripts are collected in a book published in 2021 by the publisher Il Delfino Moro.


1991 winner first prize songwriter at the 13th Festival of the Unknowns in Ariccia organized by Rita Pavone and Teddy Reno

2006 literary prize The Talking Book

2008 Independent Quality Publishing Award

2015 ACSI special prize for the quality of literary work awarded by the jury of the International Prize Florence Capital of Europe

2017 Writers with Taste award given by Res Aulica Academy

2018 Writers with Taste award given by Res Aulica Academy

2018 Policemen Writing Award, as part of the Tastes of the Yellow

2018 Romiti Prize - Emerging Section

2019 Rinaldo Scheda prize as part of the Tastes of the Yellow.

He serves on the jury of the Notti Nere literary prize and the AG Noir literary prize.



CALA MARINA A small world with its rituals, its protagonists, its secrets: a veil of melancholy, a good dose of irony, encounters, cases of fate, stories It is July, vacation time, and into the placid resort of Cala Marina comes a handsome, distinguished, elegant man. He gets off the train carrying a large suitcase in which he keeps his sample collection. Yes, because he is a postcard representative. After sniffing the air a bit, he starts visiting every merchant in the town proposing the same deal: depicting the business-shop, bar, or restaurant it may be-on a postcard, with an inscription, Greetings from Cala Marina, the view of the beaches, and the business in plain sight. The representative has a way with it, and so many accept. All of Cala Marina becomes captivated by the attractive photographer's ways, especially Maria Sole, the owner of the guesthouse where he is staying, a lonely, melancholy woman who for once in her life begins to dream of love. Something, however, suspects Norberto, the Polfer marshal, who discreetly has him followed. Everything seems perfectly in order, but... In a small town on the Ligurian Riviera in the 1960s, Roberto Centazzo finds a perfect microcosm for portraying every aspect of humanity, giving life to memorable characters, telling stories that make one smile but also reflect, and painting with nostalgia a world that no longer exists.


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