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Procida, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, lies at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples between Ischia (to the west) and Cape Miseno (to the east). With an area of four square kilometres, it is smaller than its sister islands, Ischia and Capri. To the west of Procida, looking towards Ischia, stands the uninhabited island of Vivara, completely covered by Mediterranean scrub and connected to Procida by a bridge.​

Marina di Procida nestles here without altering its beauty and harmony of the setting, offering pleasure-boat owners the possibility of a mooring furnished with every convenience and uninterrupted, professional assistance, in an enchanting area that can be easily reached from the mainland thanks to numerous connections, both domestic and international, or from the islands and the neighbouring seaside resorts.

At the mouth of the Gulf of Naples, as you round Cape Miseno, you encounter the island of Procida, the smallest of the islands of the Neapolitan archipelago, which includes the islands of Ischia and Capri. Its yellowish tuff stone serves as the backdrop to the variety of colours in its lively towns, the green of the lush vegetation typical of Mediterranean scrub that dominates in the nature reserve on the little island of Vivara to the south, and the blue of the clear, sparkling sea that surrounds it.

The island’s beaches and attractions ensure a wide range of choice for every taste: Silurenza beach, where you can dive from the famous Scoglio del Cannone, Lingua beach, known for underwater fishing, Asino beach, described by Elsa Morante in Arthur’s Island, and the sheltered beach of Chiaia, known for its delicious restaurants. And then the beach of Pozzo Vecchio, immortalised by Massimo Troisi in the film Il Postino. Festivals with abundant food and wine, superior craftsmanship, and a nightlife full of possibilities and amusements that will make your stay on the island unforgettable.

Campania (ITA)
LAT: 40° 46’, 90 NORTH – LON. 14° I’, I EAST
General information:
Max depth: 3 m.
Total number of berths: 491
Maximum boat length: 30 m.