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Marina di Capo d’Anzio

Capo d’Anzio

About the Marina

capo d'anzio Anzio is a quiet coastal town just a few kilometers from Rome, and one of the favorite holiday places for romans since the Empire era. It is to Emperor Nero, who was born here, that we owe the creation of beautiful Roman villas, palaces and magnificent temples of the precious ornaments. It was precisely with Nero the beginning of Anzio as a port town. In the beach near the Marina is still possible to see the rests of the magnificent harbor promoted and built by Emperor Nero. At the end of 18th century, Pope Innocent XII decided to move the port to the current location, to improve maritime trades with Rome. Anzio is also famous to be one of the site where the Allies landed to free Italy during Second World War, whose fallen are buried in the memorial American cemetery located in the city.
Today Anzio is one of the main fishing centers of the Tyrrhenian coast, and is the main supplier of fish for central Italy. It is also an excellent starting point for exploring the beautiful Pontine islands at ca. 40mn. In the port area there are also several shipyards, and some sailing associations really proactive in the organization of courses and regattas.
Located right in the town center, between typical fish restaurants and café lounge, the Marina di Capo D’Anzio, after the completion of the 1st phase of works, can now offer mooring for 300 boats of any kind, up to 50m LOA, mainly with full top level services. 2nd phase of work should start at the end of 2018 and last two years to make Marina di Capo D’Anzio one of the main ports near Rome, with 600 berths up to 50m LOA with the best service.
Lazio (ITA)
LAT. 41°44’51″ NORTH – LON. 12°63’37″ EAST
General Information:
Max. depth:
Total number of berths: 300
Maximum boat length: 50 m.
Booking online:
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